Case Study 2: Services
December 18, 2020
Case Study 4: Production
December 18, 2020

Case Study 3: Digital Services


Imagine Signage is a South Africa Based digital signage and digital
marketing services company. The company provides a battle tested and
mature software solution for advertising that can be used by novice users
and large companies alike.


The company focused on the product development for many years but
neglected the sales pipeline. They had huge clients but were having difficulty
managing the workflows, new contracts and invoicing.


A SuitCRM based integrated solution was proposed to handle all the invoicingand client management. The CRM was integrated with their CMS to handle allthe payments and account management. Also, the CRM was setup to captureleads from their websites and other sources. An E-Mail marketing system was setup to run regular campaigns.




A fully integrated CRM based solution which decreased the customer complaint rate to virtually zero. Also, the cash flow improved due to automated invoicing and payments.

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