01. Analysis

Every organization is unique, including yours. Our digital customer solutions only work at full capacity if they match the specific characteristics, requirements and goals of your organization.


Our Customer Data Experts will carefully conduct your company through the implementation and adoption phase. Your colleagues will be prepared and guided through the changes that come with the adoption of a modern digital customer solution.


Digital customer solutions are not just about software. CRM is a business strategy that helps your organization to increase the value for, and from, your customers. How you implement and use the software determines the success.


IT developments are going very fast. We will make sure that you are equipped with a secure and up-to-date digital customer solution and ensure that it moves with the dynamics of your organization. It is our commitment to support and build a lasting relationship with you.


Industry Expertise


Transforming banks, financial services and insurance companies through digital strategies and data-driven insights


Accelerate productivity and revenues through sales force automation, reporting, mobility and IOT solutions


Maximize business efficiency and generate new revenue with real-time value chain insights


Transforming banks, financial services and insurance companiEnhance customer experience and drive financial efficiency with our innovative hospitality solutions es through digital strategies and data-driven insights


Integrated CRM, ERP and Supply Chain solutions with Omni Channel commerce

Consumer Goods

IOT and data-driven solutions integrated with customer experience and sales force automation

Real Estate

CRM, Accounting and Virtual Reality solutions for real estate developers and brokers


Custom tailored solutions built on a robust and scalable platform for exchanges – stock, currency, commodity

Digital Solutions


Drive innovation & lower costs with agile & scalable cloud solutions


Harness the power of a mobile-first journey with industry-specific solutions


Actionable & relevant insights into your business to achieve a competitive edge


Leverage sensor technology through integration with business applications


Building collaborative networks within the organization and its ecosystem

Virtual Reality

Immersive multimedia experiences for enterprise customers

Blog Posts

How CRM Could Benefit the Hotel Industry

Customer management and customer satisfaction are of great importance to any business that intends to grow. However, that’s not the case in the hotel industry. The hotel industry relies entirely on their customers being happy. Failing to meet that is a no-go and could be catastrophic. Since the survival of the hospitality industry rests solely on its customers, its need for a CRM is absolute. Here’s how a customized Sugar/Suite CRM for Hotel Industry can streamline and optimize client relationships in the hospitality industry.

  • 1, Database Consolidation
  • 2. Reservation Management
  • 3. Employee Management
  • 4. Customer Retention

CRM for Restaurants

The restaurant industry heavily relies on human interaction and connection. Although Customer Relationship Management is at the core of any restaurant business, most tend to shy away from adopting a CRM system. Try and imagine a solution that will allow your business to be smarter and help you provide a more personalized experience to your customers while integrating seamlessly into your existing processes and practices. Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, here are five ways a CRM solution will help you turn this into a reality.

  • 1. Integrate existing technologies with your CRM
  • 2. Keep them coming back for more
  • 3. Optimize your restaurant’s menu
  • 4. Effective marketing campaign management

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