Case Study 3: Digital Services
December 18, 2020
How CRM Could Benefit the Hotel Industry
June 2, 2021

Case Study 4: Production


Having been in business since 2012, Diligent Energy is a renowned name in Electric
Equipment Supply and Production market in the Pakistan. To grow faster,
manufacturer was looking at ways to empower sales team with real time visibility
into production, thus reducing the need for them having to call sales coordinator
and get their quotes punched into the system.


With quick expansion of business across geography, Diligent realized that they need
an integrated customer relationship management s Solution which could empower
their future growth. Due to complex business logic around pricing rules and stock
availability, the sales rep had to contact the sales coordinator for punching in new
quotation. The firm had multiple divisions and a specific hierarchy in place which
needed to be replicated into SugarCRM.
Due to being in critical systems manufacturing, after sales support was crucial. The
company was looking at integrating system to handle service calls so that the sales
people had 360 degree view of what was happening in their respective accounts.


Diligent evaluated that SugarCRM would be the ideal CRM platform for its sales and
customer support needs. We executed high level assessment of needs, customized
Sugar to meet the organization specific needs. During the blueprinting sessions, a
detailed analysis of how divisions and organizational hierarchy would match into
SugarCRM. Detailed role mapping was carried out and required privileges were
granted to the users. Workflows and Processes were defined to make the process
Various integration points were discussed and a detailed field mapping was carried
out. Integration with respect to Accounts, Contacts, Products, Price Books, Quotes,
Invoices with ERPNEXT was achieved.


SugarCRM, ERPNext


The solution helped get a complete view of customer with Asset, Activities, Quotes and much more related information attached to the record. Sales reps were able to quote faster. With financial information coming from ERP into CRM, sales reps knew the receivable for their respective account. The headquarter could also flag companies which were slow payers.

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